18 Oct

Home Audio Post Production Equipment

One of the newest trends in music is recording your own music at home. Though not everyone can do this, and those that do have to have some knowledge of what they are doing, it is easier than ever for a musician to get their ideas down into song form for personal satisfaction or for promotional use. Some can even make recordings at home that are so high quality they can be sold. Whatever the case, preparing a song and recording it are only part of the process. You have to know something about audio post production as well. That is what makes a good song sound amazing.

Some people like to add effects like reverb while they are recording. The problem with this is that you can not take that reverb off if you do not like it without re-recording those tracks. If you wait to add your effects in audio post production, you can take it off, put it back on, change the type, or tweak it in any way until you are happy with it. This can save a lot of time and can also save you from a lot of mistakes. What may sound good while recording may not sit well with you in post production, so keep the in mind.

Some make mistakes during audio post production by limiting how they listen to their mixes. You can use headphones and everything sounds good, but that is not where you should stop. Have a pair of poor speakers there, and listen through those. Some who are listening may only have a set of cheap speakers, and you want to know that your tunes will sound good through those. You should also burn a copy on a CD and listen to it in your car, in your own CD player, and anywhere else that you can. This helps you decide if you have created a good all around mix or if you have to start over with your audio post production.

In order to put all of these tips into use, you have to have the right equipment. This means buying a small mixing board that you can use with your home PC layout for recording at home. The right software is essential as well, so do some research to see what others are using, what they have found to be useful, and what industry pros recommend for home recording endeavors. You are going to spend some money, but you are not going to spend as much as you think.

Mastering audio post production is a lot like mastering every other part of making a song. You have to have a good song, you have to know how to make quality recordings, and you have to know how to make it sound just right. It can take a lot of practice. Your first try is never going to be great, but remember that this is the nature of recording. Learn as you go and don’t get discouraged. No one gets it right without a lot of practice, knowledge, and time.