3 Oct

Going after that Elusive Appliance Discount

If you are in the market for a large appliance for your home, looking for an appliance discount is a great way to stretch your dollar. We’ll go into some of the best appliance discount hunting methods there are in just a moment. But first, how can you be sure you actually need a new appliance? If the appliance you are considering replacing is less than five years old, spending money on getting it repaired might actually be worth it. Most appliance repair could run you up a bill that would come up to half as much as a new appliance; if your machine isn’t that old, you really could keep it around for as long as you need to, to get your money’s worth back out of it. The stores have lots of ways of getting you to spend more money than you have to. One of those is to try to upsell you to a bigger fancier model than you actually need. Certainly, the price they give you on the larger model makes it a great buy; but only if you will actually be using it. If yours is a small family, what on earth will you do with an extra large refrigerator that could probably set enough fresh produce for a family of five? The best appliance discount you could have would come from going for no more larger or fancier a model than you actually need. And of course, you need to not let the smooth sales talk sway you. Do your homework before you head for the store and only pick appliances that have satisfied customers. Picking something that costs less but that has more stuff going wrong with it can hardly be considered worth it.

Now if you actually do have to buy an appliance, what can you do to get those discounts? Certainly, buying holiday season post-Black Friday can be a great time to snag all the discounts. There are new models on the market, and the stores just itch to offload their old inventory. While you’re at it trying to snag a few appliance discount offers on old models, try to see if they have anything that’s considered B stock. These are dented pieces, units they put out on display. There could be a couple scratches on them, but they are probably is good as new. You get the full guarantee on them. For accepting B stock, you are awarded with some great discounts.