19 Oct

Find terrific buys at closeout sales

Many of us are on strict budgets these days. You need to save money on your purchases anywhere you can, so that your budget is intact, with no new debt to hamper next month’s budget. Closeout sales are a great way to pick up items you need at a substantial savings.

There’s usually nothing wrong with merchandise at closeout sales, although you may find ‘seconds’ in bedding and linens, with minor flaws you’ll never notice and which do not present a problem in use. Sometimes closeout sale items are simply last season’s fashions. Unless you’re a fashion fiend, these garments are perfectly fine.

There are stores which specialize in closeout sales, so everything you find at these stores adds up to big savings. These stores buy out the inventory of merchants who are going out of business. The variety of available merchandise is usually similar to a department store. You’ll find bedding and linens, yarn, clothing items, sundries, pet supplies and even food items.

Almost every type of business holds a closeout sale from time to time. Clothing stores are looking to move old inventory out to make room for the new stock. You shouldn’t think that because the item is discounted by as much as 75%, it isn’t a great deal. If you like it, it’s a deal!

Even car and tire dealers hold closeout sales. The car dealer is moving this year’s model to make room for the new year’s offerings. You can save thousands of dollars here, with that first year’s depreciation reflected in the price you pay. The only use the car has seen is a few miles in a test drive. Tire dealers work the same way.

If your old bedspread has seen better days, take advantage of the one third to one half off savings on these closeouts. The selection may not be as large as the department store’s inventory, but if you find something you like, why not save? You’ll save comparable amounts on sheets, pillows and towels.

The dollar-type stores are great places to pick up toiletries, school supplies, wrapping paper and dozens of other household items. Usually, the stock varies week by week, but you can count on items like soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Because these are items you buy regularly, the savings on these closeout sale items can add up to a steak dinner in just a month’s time.

Closeout sales can be so tempting, you want to remember not to buy simply because it’s on sale. Buy items you need, pass on the ones you don’t need and your budget will be in good shape.