17 Feb

Discount Hardwood Floors

As a contractor, I know a lot about discount lumber. You see, there are pretty standard rates for building a house of a certain size in the industry. Your profit margin is dependent on two things: how quickly you can get it done and how much money you can save on building materials. Although I have always used discount lumber in the past, buying up the left-overs from other contractors projects as a way to defer costs on my own, I never realized that you could take the same approach with the interior of the house. Specifically, I didn’t know how much you could save on discount hardwood floors.

In the past, I have gotten pretty standard discount hardwood floor deals. The prices of floor hardwood varies just like anything else. If you wait long enough, you will find a hardwood floors discount on whatever you are buying. The more space you have to stock up wood, the more money you can make by buying your supplies when they hit their lowest prices. There are other ways to save money, of course. You can get low cost hardwood flooring, using cheaper woods as a way to save a little bit on the interior. In general, however, I don’t recommend this. It is worth spending a little bit more money to make the inside of the house look really nice.

What I didn’t really realize was that there was another approach to discount hardwood floors. I had always assumed that secondhand hardwood floor discounts would be junk. I knew that contractors would sometimes rip out the floorboards from houses that were about to be destroyed, but I had always thought that this was a cheap and dishonest shortcut. They would use these used floorboards to manufacture discount hardwood floors, and I assumed they were ripping off the buyer in the process.

Then I actually saw one of these floors. It was absolutely beautiful! The used for boards could be refinished And polished until they looked new again! They were definitely thick enough to use, and no worse for wear. At the price of good hardwood nowadays, you have to be an idiot to buy new ones when there is another option available. I started using discount hardwood floors and, wouldn’t you know it, I was able to make more money while still pleasing my customers. It was a win-win situation overall.