3 Dec

Cheap Gifts for Kids this Christmas that don’t Break the Bank

Gifts for kids don’t come cheap when you go after the latest in-craze thing. For instance, if an Xbox with Kinect is what a kid really wants to have now, that would be a $320 purchase. You could probably buy three standard kids’ bicycles for that price. Visit any national chain of toy sellers though, Wal-Mart included, and it’s easy to see that your dollar does go somewhat further this year than it did the last, buying great budget toys. You typically get better tech toys than last year for your dollar. This year’s trends includes more affordable toys powered by rechargeable batteries. Let’s look at a great selection of cheap gifts for kids this Christmas that typically don’t exceed $60 in price.
For something slightly more educational, consider a musical gift in the Dance Star Mickey toy with Fisher-Price. Do you remember the Elmo Alive doll from last year? It’s kind of the same – it’s a foot-high animatronic puppet that can dance and play a few games. For something really educational though, you can consider one of a wide variety of toys that help your child make the most of the work done at school. For instance, Hasbro’s $38 Alphie (yes, a resurrection from the past), is a robot with a set of quizzes (with answers), and a bunch of smart alec replies when a child gets it wrong. To get really educational for real, you could try cheap gifts for kids like Hasbro’s Scrabble Flash. It’s a very entertaining set of little LCD screens that display any letter a kid chooses. Kids can use them to form words for a quick spelling game. It’s great fun.